Signing up to 999 Wasi

Click “signup” and enter your mobile number. Please note that you need to be a Dialog mobile user to play 999 Wasi.
Enter the OTP you receive to your mobile and submit. After successful OTP confirmation you will be a subscriber of 999 Wasi.

Searching and viewing Games

Games in 999 Wasi are listed under different categories. You can click on any game and it will open the details page. In the Details page you will see
more information about the game such as:

  • Game start date
  • Game end date
  • Time left till Game end
  • Winners Prize
  • Details of the Prize
  • Current leader board of the Game

Placing “Bids” on a Game

Once you view a Game, you can set a “Bid” value in the bid value selector and submit. If your subscription is active and you have remaning Bids left in your Bid wallet, your bid will be placed instantly and you can view your rank in the Leader board.

Purchasing more “Bids”

With your active subscription you will received 5 free bids per day. If you run out of bid (ie:- Your Bid wallet becomes empty) you can purchase packs of 5 bids for Rs.5+Tax each. The purchased bids will be visible in your bid wallet.

Choosing a Winner and awarding the Prize

At the end of the Game, the user who has the closets Bid to the winning Bid will emerge as the winner. 999Wasi will contact the winner and award the Prize in person.