Frequently Asked Questions

999 Wasi ( is a Guess-and-Win service. Each Game listed on 999 Wasi will have a hidden number from 1.00 to 999.999 and players will guess the number by placing their Bids.
At the end of the competition the player with the closest Bid will emerge as the winner.

Each product listed on 999 Wasi is a game. Players need to guess the hidden number from 1.00 to 999.999 by placing bids and their current rank is instantly displayed on the leader board.

Once you login select a product. Then set the bid amount from 1.000 to 999.999 in the area given, And then click the “Hammer” icon to place your bid.

Leader board will display the current ranking for a game. If you are logged in and have placed any bids to that game, your rank will be highlighted in the leader board.

Levels have a level name, a level icon, a unique hidden number and a ranking order. Each game can have multiple levels. Any user starting to Bid on a competition will start from Level-0 (League level).
When minimum two players guess correctly the hidden number of the current level, both will be upgraded to the next level and they will have to guess the new hidden number of that level. Upgrading from level to level
will happen in the same way for all subsequent levels.

If you are currently at rank-1 in the leader board and if you are the only user who has guessed the hidden number of the current level then you will not automatically upgrade to next level.
If there are more than one player guessed the hidden number or if there are already players at any of the upper levels, then you will instantly be upgraded to next levels on correctly guessing the hidden number of the current level.

No. You cannot move back to previous levels by bidding. Only possibility is if you unsubscribe from the service where all your bids will become invalid and you will have to start from the beginning (Level-0)

You need to first login to 999 Wasi. Then select any product (a Game) and in the leader board your current rank will be highlighted. If you have not placed any bids for that game then you will not see any rank for yourself for that game.

In order to bid on 999 Wasi you need to subscribe to the 999 Wasi daily package which is Rs.6+tax per day chargeable to your mobile phone. Once you are subscribed you will be entitled for 5 free bids daily. If your bid wallet runs out then you can purchase additional 5 bids for Rs.10+tax.

When you try to place a Bid to a product, you will be prompted to enter the OTP sent to your mobile. Once you enter the OTP and submit you will be subscribed to 999Wasi.
Alternatively you can SMS “WA” to 2525 to subscribe to 999Wasi.

The Free bids you receive daily are “NOT” carried forward to the next day. Any additional bids you purchase will remain in your bid wallet until you use them.

You can buy additional 5 bids each for Rs.10+tax when you run out of Bids. Simply click the “Buy Bids” next to the notice that you have no Bids. Your registered mobile will be charged and you need to have sufficient credits to complete the purchase.

No. When game ends, if two or more users have placed equal bids which are the closest to the target number then the user who has placed it earlier will be the winner.

Yes. When game ends, if two or more users have placed equal bids which are the closest to the target number then the user who has placed it earlier will be the winner.

You need to update your name and NIC number in “Account details” in “My Accounts”. We will verify them at the point of handing over the gift.

Once the Game is ended, within 3 working days we will contact you over the contact details given and arrange a date to hand over the gift.

Login to 999 Wasi. Then click “My Account” > “Dashboard” and click the “Subscribed” button.

Alternatively you can SMS “Unreg WA” to 2525 to unsubscribe from the service.

All the bids you have placed will be invalid once you are unsubscribed. Also when you subscribe again, previous Bids you placed will “not” be activated automatically. You will have to place new bids using balance in your Bid wallet.