999 Wasi (999wasi.lk) is a Bid and Win service where subscribed users need to place their bids for each available competition and winner is chosen based on the closest bid at the closure of the competition.

The award for the current competition will be displayed with Photographs, Technical details, Descriptions and Approximate market value in the web site 999wasi.lk.

A real-time count down timer will display the remaining time till end of the competition. The current competition will end at Mid-night (00:00 hrs.) of the final day.

Each competition will have a target number from 1.000 to 999.999, both inclusive (e.g.: 880.521, 180.370, 930.219 etc.) up to three decimal places.

Subscribed users are asked to place their bids. Up on submission of each bid, names of the top-10 closest bids to the winning number are displayed on a leader board.